To be partner is
more than shaking hands.
We give a hand to your idea.
Your idea has value to us
We support strategic decision making and provide smart-money to start-ups with innovative products and internationalization potential. Please, check what we are looking for:
Innovative and original projects
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Turning ideas into innovation
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Value creation
High growth potencial and results
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Early stage investments
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Projects with global horizons
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Investment Process
Since each project is unique, our investment process is not rigid. Nevertheless, there are some steps that you can expect:
Screening Process
Analysis of the business plan and other relevant documents.
Schedule a meeting for presentation and Q&A.
Due Diligence
Start of the due diligence process – additional information requested.
After Board of Directors approval the Investment Committee will issue an opinion
A contract is negotiated and drawn up collectively. Then, we start to focus in creating value and growing together.