Investment Process

Screening Process

After the submission of your business plan and other relevant documents, the information will be analysed and, if your project meet the investment parameters (please read rules and regulation), you will be called to personally present your project.


If your project meets the criteria, you will be invited to personally present your project and answer to some questions that may arise from the analysis of your submitted business plan.

Due Diligence

Further information will be needed to accurately evaluate your project. This information will be requested under a non-disclosure agreement to be signed.


Upon all financial and statutory information is collected, the project will be assessed by a board of specialists – Investment Committee - who will comment the project valuation and the business opportunity. Then, 2bpartner board of directors will make a final decision regarding the project investment.


If your project is selected by the Board of Directors a contract will be negotiated and drawn collectively. Lastly, we should focus in creating value and growing together.