2bpartner is a venture capital company with a highly skilled management team that can not only raise the necessary capital for your business implementation but also help you with management expertise and business network in order to maximize your performance.

2bpartner was created in 2007 by AIminho and several private investors and companies. In the end of 2011 the Minho Inovação e Internacionalização fund was created and in 2012 dst group became the majority shareholder of 2bpartner’s capital.   

We are currently seeking for ambitious entrepreneurs and management teams that need funds to grow their companies, projects and ideas with great potential for global expansion and value creation. 


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Rosa Romero
CEO Sphere Ultrafast Photonics
The maturity, focus level and quality of the people involved streamline a very difficult path for a start-up: the fund raising. In a nutshell, 2bpartner is a very competent and efficient partner that thankfully is on our side.
Bruno Azevedo
Bruno Azevedo
The foundation of a Start-Up is people with values and focused on the same goal, growth. We feel that the vision, integrity and strength transmitted by 2bpartner are factors with high value added that minimize the difficulties and potentiate the opportunities.