Investment Comittee

José Gonçalves Teixeira President
Chairman and CEO of dst group. He is recognized for its important role in economic, cultural and social development of the region of Minho. read more
José Gonçalves Teixeira President

José Teixeira is the Chairman and CEO of dst group and of several of its over than sixty companies in five different business areas: Engineering & Construction, Environment & Water, Renewable Energies, Telecommunications and Ventures.

He is recognized for his important role in the development of the cultural environment of Braga and of the country, by creating a photography festival, a literature prize and an art gallery, among many other cultural and social initiatives. He also is known for his relevant patronage work.

He has a vast list of conferences and events where he was a keynote speaker both in schools, universities or corporate events.

He is graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Minho.

João Negrais de Matos
CRO and member of the board of directors of dst group. Assumes the position of Director in several companies of dst group. read more
João Negrais de Matos

Member of dst group’s Board of Directors since August 2007, assuming responsibilities in the areas of financial controlling, financial incentives, innovation, information systems and telecommunications. Assumes the position of director at several dst group companies, namely Innovation Point, tgeotecnia, tagregados, tconcrete, tmodular, tstone and cari.

He was Deputy Manager at Espírito Santo Investment Bank until July 2007, with responsibilities regarding the bank´s financial controlling.

Until June 2005 he worked as Assistant Financial Controller at Netjets Europe, a company from Berkshire Hathaway group. Previously he was Audit Manager at KPMG (Lisbon and Oporto offices), where his professional experience focused in auditing major national and multinational companies (either financial and non-financial economic groups).

João has a degree in Economics from Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto and a Master of Science in Finance from Boston College. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst by CFA Institute and Financial Risk Manager by the Global Association of Risk Professionals.

Vitor Fernandes
Dst group’s financial manager and member of the board of directors of several dst group companies. read more
Vitor Fernandes

Vitor Fernandes is currently the dst group’s financial manager and  board member of several dst group companies. He also has responsibilities related to the public private partnerships in which dst group has presence.

In the beggining of 2014 Vitor assumed the position as dst group’s financial manager. From 2010 to 2013 he was financial controller in dst group’s strategic planning department with major responsibilities in the financial control management of the group’s companies, in the analysis and monitoring of new investments or projects with impact in the development of the operational and strategic portfolio (business plans, feasibility studies, M&A, regulatory and other issues) and in internal tax advisory assistance.

Until 2010 he was senior consultant at KPMG being responsible for tax consultancy services within diagnosis and tax due diligence, national and international corporate restructuring, tax compliance and tax administrative litigation proceedings.

He concluded his Executive MBA at Porto Business School in 2013, being graduated in Management at Porto University with post-graduations in Tax & Accounting and Corporate & Tax Law.

António Marques
President of AIminho. He was part of several boards like: Tranquilidade, AIP, and Norgarante. He was also an Advisory Board member of Banco Espírito Santo and University of Minho. read more
António Marques

António Marques is the president of AIminho – Associação Empresarial do Minho and IEMinho – Instituto Empresarial do Minho. He was part of several Boards of Directors, such as Tranquilidade Insurance Company, CIP – Confederação da Indústria Portuguesa, AIP – Associação Industrial Portuguesa and Norgarante –Sociedade de Garantia Mútua. He was also an advisory board member of Banco Espírito Santo, as well as member of the University of Minho’s strategic advisory board and President of IDITE-Minho.

In the past he was member of the Board of Directors of Banco Internacional de Crédito (Banco Espírito Santo group) and Aleluia Cerâmica.

António has a degree in Economics by the University of Coimbra.

PME Investimentos
Sociedade de Investimento – Gestão de Fundos e Refinanciamento do Sector do Capital de Risco. Represented by Filipe Alves. read more
PME Investimentos

The company was created in 1989 as SULPEDIP – Sociedade para o Desenvolvimento Industrial, S.A., headquartered in Lisbon, and in 1998 changed into PME Investimentos - Sociedade de Investimento, S.A.

The company’s main focus is driven to the realization of financial operations and related services, which primarily aim at improving funding conditions of non-financial sector entities, in order to boost corporate investment, development and restructuring.

PME Investimentos is the FINOVA managing company, which is the preferential vehicle for the creation and development of financing instruments created under the scope of SAFPRI – Sistema de Apoio ao Financiamento e Partilha de Risco da Inovação. The company is headquartered in Porto since 2008.