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Creation of 2bpartner first fund Minho Inovação e Internacionalização – FCR

In the New Year’s Eve of 2011 2bpartner created its first fund, Minho Inovação e Internacionalização – FCR, co-funded by FINOVA with funds from SAPFRI. This first fund is especially oriented to support entrepreneurs and to perform spin-off operations that can arise from the prospection activities with Universities and start-up incubators in the North zone of Portugal, despite of an extensive action in seeking investment opportunities all over the country.

A proximity approach with the projects’ promoters is essential for the success of the fund and an intensive monitoring is necessary even in pre-investment phase. The fund has the objective to fund, through equity, multiple entrepreneurial projects, bringing sufficient funds to start-ups with high potential for value creation and growth. Moreover, the fund aims to bring new skills to the team, contact network and experience.