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WETRUCK wins UPTEC Startup Pitch Day

For an audience of over 200 people, 20 new business projects of the University of Porto (UPTEC) Park of Science and Technology presented their business idea. Among the business projects, the jury chose the best pitch, Wetruck and awarded honorable, FAHR 021.3, and Xhockware Adapttech mentions. The awards ceremony was attended by the Porto Municipal Council responsible for Innovation and Environment, Filipe Araújo.

 The jury awarded the prize for best pitch to Wetruck, directed to the transportation companies of goods under controlled temperature with heavy rigid vehicles. The project develops portable solutions capable of producing, retrieving and storing electrical energy in heavy vehicles.

 The jury was composed by Cristina Farinha, ADDICT; Hector Alvelos, ID + and FBAUP; Helder Freitas, Bial; John Gunther Amaral, Sonae; João Mena de Matos, STI International; João Martins, Much Beta; Put down Marcellin, Institute of Telecommunications; Mário Correia, Vodafone; Nuno Alves, Channel 180; Paul Walk, Eurocloud; Pedro Aguiar, Oh Businesse Peter Rabbit, FEUP.